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A New Kind of Rack - designed for...

Water Hose
Holds over 100 feet
of Water Hose

Air Hose
Holds over 75 feet
of Air Hose

Extension Cords

Holds over 125 feet
of Extension Cords


Simple to use:

Remove the hose or cord
from the top hook.

Turn on the water,
air or electric device.

Grab the hose or cord.

Start walking!
(or running, if you are in a hurry)

Take only what
you need.

All the functionality
of a REEL
without being
big or bulky!

No moving parts to leak, break or wear out.

Strong and Compact

Mounts easily
Will never rust

Store hose and cords
inside, during the winter.


Hang it anywhere
even on a

Attach to any surface...

metal, wood, masonry,
building, wall, post, fence,
boat dock, - ANYWHERE!

Holds over...

100 feet of  water hose
75 feet of air hose
100 feet of extension cord



Geckos Toes is a
NEW innovation in
hose and cord storage. 

The unique design
has several 'toes'.
We call them
"Gecko's Toes"

Each 'toe' will support
several loops
of hose or cord.

This method of storage
allows each loop
to be stored
without resting on the
loops below it.

 The design helps to
keep the loops separated
and untangled, during
storage and while
being used.


Why:  "Gecko's Toes"

We think the green
nubs of our prototype
model look like the
toes of a Gecko.
The Geckos in our yard
always sit on the rack.
Maybe, they think it
is a Giant Gecko.

Made in the USA


Gecko's Toes was designed by everyday people, who do their own yard work
and know what it is like to trip over a hose.


For Water Hose


For Air Hose

For Extension Cords


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Geckos's Toes, Inc.
Seguin, Texas

We are working on new products such as:
Racks for...
Swimming Pool Vacuum Hose

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